High Mod High Risk Clients

Programs for High X Mod Clients and High Risk Class Codes & Lapse in Coverge

High X Mod 

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Programs for Clients with High X Mod and/or Hard to place risks and Lapse in Coverage

Paygo, PEO, Staffing and Guaranteed Cost Programs

Eclipse Risk Insurance Services Specializes in Workers Compensation programs for High X Mod and Hard to Place Clients that Save you Money !

Agents and Brokers

Solutions for Hard to Place Clients.


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Workers compensation programs for Hard to Place Clients


Homemaker Programs

Specific Programs for the 8827 Class Code 

Insurance Services

We offer Specific Programs for the Homemaker Class Code 8827.  These programs include:

  • Guaranteed Cost
  • Paygo- Pay as you Go 
  • PEO-Workers Comp and Payroll Services combined

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